Sunday, September 9, 2012

Superman wears Dan Brown pajamas!

So the filly that went through the stapling surgery two weeks ago was having issues with rolling to the outside of her foot and uneveningly wearing her hoof down on the outside.  This issue was reducing her probablity of a successful outcome.

I called our most wonderful farrier, Dan Brown last week.  I gave him her treatment schedule (which was rebandaging every 2nd day) and determined that either Tuesday or Friday of this past week were the two prospective days.  The day was set.  Friday it was.

After consultation from Dr. Voight (who performed the surgery), an appropriate dose of Dormasedan, a little more text book research on Dan's part (who did I mention, is an excellent farrier and horseman with a great 'boots on the ground' additude), we (mostly Dan) did an outter heal to mid toe 1/2 inch buildup on the stapled leg.

The left leg that was stapled.  As you can see, it is rolling to the outside.
Rasping the first application of the 'super fast set up liquid horse shoe compound'.

Smoothing the liquid shoe on the outside sole.

Rasping the second application.

The liquid shoe compound and applicator.
I typically don't get really excited about 'stuff', but after I asked Dan if he could help this little filly, his joking response to me was, "Vawnita, Superman wears Dan Brown pajamas to bed!".... and then he got serious and said, "Truely, I think we can help her and I would love to give it a try".

This procedure turned out so well I will say "DAN BROWN REALLY IS SUPERMAN"!


  1. Oh! Poor little filly! I hope this helps.

    And I love Dan Brown's comment - that is awesome. Is he from the Watford area? I don't recognize the name. But gotta love someone who 'thinks outside the box' and tries to find a solution and way to help. :)

    A great farrier is hard to find!

  2. Nancy, he is not. He travels right now from the Halliday area, but originally from New Salem. They are har to find and once you do find one, better be REALLY good to them because they are in high demand. We feel pretty fortunate. And I am now much more optamistic about her outcome.

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