Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blue collar Kyle

I take great pride in watching our son, Kyle grow.  One of the many things that truly amaze me is how important it is for him to 'help'.  He wants to be part of the team and he understands how important productivity is.  He is a busy little beaver.  Labor Day was laborious around here and he was in the middle of it all.

In the morning, he went down to the Rough Creek pasture and helped his dad and grandpa fix a waterline leak.

Kyle and Grandpa Lyle digging up the leaky water line to be spliced.

Grandpa Lyle gave him the long handled shovel and he is very proud of it!

Down 'stream' from the leak.

Oops.... Didn't stay upright.

When you gotta go, you gotta go, muddy or not!
The evening brought moving replacement heifers back out to grass after ultra sounding them.  Kyle in the drivers seat of Hoss.

He has good hands already.

We both fit in Grandpa Kurt's old roping saddle.

My view from the back seat.

An excellent close to Labor Day 2012.

He is one rein away from flying solo, but that will probably wait until next year.

Supervising the gate as the heifers head back out to the north RS pasture.
So here is to our 'little hand' and Labor Day 2012!


  1. Love the pics of Kyle! He and Hoss will make a GREAT team next year!

  2. They are a great pair. Kyle can even 'steer' him all by himself. The good horses just know when they are being entrusted with precious cargo.