Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our own Steven Spielberg

Greeting from Elkhorn Creek Ranch near the epicenter of the Bakken oil formation!

Yep, we have been ever so busy in 2014.

March 11th will bring our first ever production sale in Watford City where we will be offering along with guest consignors, Hall Stock Farm, 90 Angus bulls and 20 commercial heifers.  After 25 years of private treaty marketing of our bulls we are going to a production sale!

So our typical operating procedure is that one of us takes a 'lead' on ranch projects and the other get the final 'do it', 'print it', 'send it'... go ahead.

We have tried to take an approach to marketing our production sale which is as unique as our ranch and the resources of it.  When Pete proclaimed that he was going to make videos to bring the ranch to cattlemen's computers for them to experience the environment our cows work in my thought was, 'that's a good idea'.  And then before he loaded it on youtube last week I reminded him that I need to 'view it' first.  Typically, I am ruthlessly critical when I am not the lead of a project and I expect the same in return.  Below is the ranch video produced by our very own Steven Spielberg, Mr. Peter G. Best.  After the debut Kyle, who was sitting in Pete's lap turned, puts his hands on each of dad's cheeks and said, quote - "Dad, WE are SO PROUD of you!  That was just GREAT!"

Enjoy and look for more to come!

Elkhorn Creek Ranch Video Tour

Best Angus and Quarter Horses HOME page - visit our webpage and download our sale brochure for additional information on our 'Best Value in the Badlands' Production Sale!

Best Alliance 321 - he sells on March 11th!

Best Alliance 380 - he sells on March 11th!

Best Extra 2117 - he sells on March 11th!

Best Tracker 2142 - he sells on March 11th!

Until next time, BEST Wishes!