Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rained out in the bottom of the 9th.... (hour)

Greeting from Elkhorn Creek Ranch near the epicenter of the Bakken Oil formation. 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.... yesterday was a day of a few words and many picturesque moments.  The task for the day - move 240 cow calf pairs from their winter pasture to the first spring pasture.  When it comes to range stewardship, it is best to allow each plant to be grazed once in a pasture and then move off the pasture and allow enough time for adequate regrowth before 'rotating' back to that pasture again.  The concept is easier than the actual practice, but we do our best.  Above - Lenny and Hoss waiting for their 'girl power' to join them for the mission at hand.  The girls rode yesterday and the boys fenced (all four of them).
 Kim and Lenny closing the gate between the calving pasture and the winter pasture.
 20 pairs found a hole in the fence between their winter pasture and a summer pasture.  Kim and Lenny are pushing them north, back to the winter pasture so they can join the rest of the pairs for their move to the first spring pasture.
 The last bull calf on the summer pasture that really didn't want to leave with his mom.
 Pushing the escape artists back through to the winter pasture and eyeing the broken wire that they walked over.
 Hoss pushing pairs from the winter pasture toward the spring pasture.
 This pasture move was heading into it's 9th hour.  8+ hours into the ride with only one last, big coulee and draw to ride, the rain moved in.  Above and below, if you look really close, you can see cows out grazing and the rain moving in.
The rain started shortly after.  Kim and I were two miles from home.  Over 1/2 an inch fell on us.  I had my slicker on and didn't think a whole lot about it until it started to fill my boots.  When I found Kim (she was riding the other side of the draw)..... and who said before we left the barn "I'm not afraid of getting a little wet"....... which is unspoken code for 'Vawnita, you are a sissy girl for packing that slicker'....... she looked like a very drown rat.

We got the horses back to the barn, left them in to dry off with supper (some pretty yummy looking 2nd cutting alfalfa) and went in to do the same.  The four fencing boys had a hot supper on the table and tales of waiting the rain out in the fencing pick up.  Gettin' rained on was totally worth not having to make supper!!!!!

So from our little piece of heaven at the end of the road that recieved some wonderful moisture yesterday, here's to keeping the cows happy, the calves healthy and the horses and humans fit.


  1. Sissy girl wins this time...sort of :) Hope the moisture gets the place nice and green throughout the summer. Hope to visit soon!

  2. Please do visit soon! Sissy girl really wanted a picture of the drown rat, but my 'memory' was full and it really was a miserable last 1/2 hour of the ride and trip home.