Monday, May 28, 2012

"The Orbit way or the cowboy way" - PGB

Greeting from Elkhorn Creek Ranch near the epicenter of the Bakken Oil Formation!

For those of you not previously privy to this information, our yard for the last three years has looked like a construction zone.  I have mowed weeds with great pride and complained relentlessly both under my breath and out loud to anyone who would listen about this mess that greeted visitors as they drove into our yard.

Pete's brother, Kevin, innocently commented last fall (after patiently listening to my complaining) that he worked for a landscaping company during his down time between finishing up his residency and sitting for his board exam after finishing medical school.....

Pete latched on to that information and began planning his 'irrigation' system for our little lawn.  He had been working on designing it for several weeks using Orbit's online design program.  The week before Kevin and Mary were due to arrive to help 'make over' this out of control mess, Pete announced at lunch, "I'm not sure if this is going to go down the Orbit Way OR the Cowboy Way".  "Oh No"..... is all that came to my mind after his proclamation!

We were thrilled to have Kevin, Mary and Lindsay spend a week with us this past week working on this yard of ours.  We were also thrilled to have Kevin's expertise and the entire family's help in resolving our 'lawn problem'.  The first step, in ground sprinklers.

Above:  Pete and Kyle bringing in the horse power.
Below:  Kevin, Lindsay, Kyle and Pete layin' pipe.

The second step, get the voluntary crested wheat grass OUT!

Above:  Mary in her wranglers (OK, my wranglers) raking out the bunch grass crown roots.  Pete and Brad - Pete trenching and Brad hoeing.
Sue, Lyle and Gunner cheering Kevin on while he digs a trench!!!!!
So it was in deed a wonderful week with results that will serve two purposes:
1 - help both the welcoming atmosphere that we hope our guests to the ranch feel when they drive up
2 - reduce the complaining on my part about our 'gheto' yard.
Oh, and BTW, TGFF (Thank God For Family)!
This is one of the those events that drive home the lesson, "Happiness is in the journey and it is MUCH MORE entertaining when the journey is carried out the COWBOY WAY". - VMB

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