Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Favorite Florist

Mother Nature is my favorite florist and although her shop often times has no inventory, when it does the price is right.

Yesterday morning I awoke to Kyle's roosters 'cocka-doodle-dooing' (another topic for another time) and decided to take advantage of this beautiful, still morning and the fact that the 'U pick flower shop' was open for business.

Purple cone flowers are one of the many variety of July native flowers in western North Dakota.

The yucca are also impressive this year.

And the painted clay buttes are breathtaking on high moisture years.

This butte on a 'normal' year would bare very little to no vegetation. 

Catching the sun as it peaks over the horizon.

My very inexpensive, U-pick bouquet from Mother Nature's outdoor florist shop.

Adding a little down home feel to our already homey ranch house.

The second visit to the florist on the same day... brought the crew with this time.  They enjoyed their visit as well.
Now, on to Juneberry pickin'!

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