Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The old man's reprieve

Greetings from that place.

We finally convinced old man winter to give us a little bit of break, but not before he sprinkled 4 inches of snow on us last weekend (probably to spite my complaining to y'all in my last post).  Although we are still getting around to below zero temperatures at night we are getting sun and real feel temperatures that exceed the actual temperatures during the day time.  Little black fur coats absorb that stuff right up.  Needless to say, the last two days there have been lots of happy campers - from the cows and calves, to the horses, the cat herd, the dogs, the kid and the adult folk!


If at first you don't succeed, try oh try again!  The sun trying to shine through the day time clouds that have haunted us most of February and March.

Kyle' s cat herd enjoying the sun shining through the ridge cap of the barn yesterday!   Three brothers, all brain surgery recipients.  From the good feline stock of Dale and Barb Jorgenson:  l to r - Huckle, Peaches and Shy Guy.

A shot from the high point of the calving pasture where we fed hay yesterday to get them as close to that wonderful March sun as possible.  This is looking down to the flax straw wind break and wheat straw bedding that has been liberally used the past two and a half weeks to keep the babies warm.

# 306 - Two weeks old and already enjoying the alfalfa hay with the cows.  Monkey see, monkey do!

#3003 posing for me.

The herd on the hill.

A second bedded location added yesterday which is on the south face of the hill to give them more space and more sun shine.
That's all I know for now!  I am headed out to enjoy the sun too!  Until next time...

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