Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Festivities

Greetings from Elkhorn Creek Ranch near the epicenter of the Bakken oil formation!

I understand that the United States' Independence Day is a big deal from sea to shining sea.  It is safe to say that in rural America it is cherished not only for being America's birthday, but also as an opportunity to honor our veterans.

The small community of Arnegard, 7 miles west of Watford City on US Highway 85 has an amazing celebration of America's Birthday, an honored homestead family (this year was the Schultz family) and recognizing our veterans and their families for their sacrifices and contributions to our country's freedom.

On a ranch level, it is a way that we celebrate Independence Day, but also celebrate Mother Nature's blessings of a wet spring (if it has been, we have fireworks and campfire..... if it has not, we don't). 

So it was two days of CELEBRATION, on the evening of the 3rd with family and neighbors at the ranch and on the 4th with our local veterans and the community of Arnegard.  After two days of celebration, it was back to ranch activities with gathering the two pastures of cows to ensure the bulls had optimal coverage for our 21 day check back after AIing.

This is my dad, Kurt Hovet, a veteran of the Vietnam war carrying one of the four honored flags in the Arnegard 4th of July parade.

Veterans of all wars and branches of service being honored at the Arnegard celebration.
The parade is a celebration of veterans and heritage.  This 'horse power' display is owned by the Madison Ranch and driven by Milt Madison.

The color guard at the Arnegard parade.  All veterans and all keepers of western heritage - Dennis Johnson, Glenn Skoglund, LeRoy Defoe, and Kurt Hovet (my dad).
The Schultz family - the honored homesteader family.
Neighbors and Family at the ranch.

The 'after fireworks' nearly full moon at the ranch.
A backup visual in the event the video doesn't work - Lee Murphy (my sister's husband) is the selector and executor of the ranch's fireworks show.  It was another great show this year enjoyed by approximately 20 neighbors and family members!

Thursday morning, the 5th, headed to the barn to gather cows.
L to R - Brad on Maggie, Pete on Dos, and Nancy Broderson (my friend and high school classmate from the Twin Cities on Hoss) and Oop's ears.... Oops has been my project this summer and the reason that you haven't had alot of 'a top a horse' shots the month of June.... he is a bit of a handful.  Oops and I are usually 50 feet ahead of everyone else.  We have already stopped for a drink and climbed the other side of the Cherry creek bank and are impatiently waiting for the rest of the crew.
Sweeping the pasture and pushing all the cows and bulls to 'new grass'.  Nancy on Hoss - they were a good team that day!
The Rough Creek pasture cows almost to 'their new grass and the water tank'.
We like to 'trade riders' as part of our 'young horse' training.  Pete rode Oops home and I am atop Dos.  In the fore-ground, you can see our house.... HOME SWEET HOME after a long day.

It really was a wonderful 4th of July week both in the rural western North Dakota community of Arnegard and also at our little piece of heaven at the end of the road!



  1. As always, a wonderful blog V. Thanks for continuing to share a glimpse of your life with the rest of us.