Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Day, Our Way

Greetings from Elkhorn Creek Ranch near the epicenter of the Bakken Oil Formation!

June 1, 1996 was a cool, overcast, dreary day with showers in the Watford City area.  I remember this clearly because we were surrounded by friends and family and on that day I committed the rest of my life to Peter George (IV) Best.  It was the first day of the rest our lives together.... and it has been 16 years of blissful wed!

Sooooo, when I called my mom on the morning of June 1, 2012 and she agreed to take Kyle in to day care and pick him up, I thought "Perfect.  A wonderful day of togetherness on our 16th Anniversary."

My knight in a heather grey "Soar with the Comets" (in 1997) T-shirt on the Honda 300!

When I informed Pete that we didn't have to make drop off and pick up, his response was "Great, we can try to get the south RS pasture fenced."  Just so you know, this pasture is 'the one' that NOBODY wants to fence.  I would rather fence the other 57 miles of fence we are responsible for if someone else would do those 3.  It is incredibly rough and for years, we ran horses in it because the fence was so bad.  This year, because we have more heifers than usual, we are upgrading the fence to hold heifers in by replacing most of the corner braces. 

This was not exactly what I had hoped for ON OUR 16TH wedding anniversary (but at least we would be together)!

Game Plan - load up the corner posts and mending supplies on the Ford and also bring the 4-wheeler.  Pete informed me that our wonderful neighbor to the west, Perry Ecker told him about a trail that would get us to most of the corners of the west side of this pasture with a pickup.  I thought this was odd as I was completely unaware of this 'trail'.  And in the most respectful way possible, you must be informed that Perry 'will go anywhere and try anything' in a fencing truck or on a horse.  I was a little skeptical of the safe return of the Ford from this trip.

'The trail'.... Pete scouted ahead on the 4-wheeler for holes and washes.  When you can't see the ground you are driving on, it is a true test of 'trust'.  It doesn't have the same effect as being blind folded and guided to the drive way to 'the new car', but I suspect it is close.

Using the high ground vantage and binoculars to save time and energy scoping places that would have to be 'packed' into if repairs were needed.

Tyra and Gunner had a great day and considering it was the warmest day of the year, they drank over 1/2 the water we packed for the day.

This is the west end of the ranch and where we spent our 16th wedding anniversary.  It is a beautiful place and it was a beautiful day.

We spent the day exercising our 16 years of skills that we have built together and even if there would have been more romantic or relaxing ways to spend an anniversary, none would have been as productive (and productive is blissful)!!! AND, we got the Ford home safely and in one piece.  THANKS FOR THE TIP PERRY!  It made the task much EASIER.

AND to the most wonderful husband in the world, happy 16th and THANK YOU (for getting the gates on the way home ;)  )!


  1. Awesome! :) I somehow just KNEW there would be fencing involved on your anniversary day! :)

    Congratulations on 16 years of marriage - and to many many more!

  2. Why is it that we girls didn't know any better than to get married in the summertime??? Our anniversary is July 7th and we have never done anything on that day! We're usually butchering chickens or delivering produce. We celebrate our engagement anniversary (Feb) and the day we met (Oct), but not our wedding anniversary.

    Oh well, like you Vawnita, working next to John is how I like to spend the day! :)

  3. Thank nancy and Annie , June seemed like a good idea at the time but it is a very busy time in our current careers ..... Happiness is in the journey!