Sunday, May 11, 2014

If we don't get beyond 'R's' and 'D's'...

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all mommas out there!  Speaking from experience, motherhood is the most challenging, most important, most rewarding responsibility that I have in this little life.

Greetings from the epicenter of the muddy Bakken!

In the case of 2014, April snow and May showers will guarantee us a crop (grass, alfalfa, small grain, oil seed, feedstuffs, ext.)... and that my friends is security for farmers and ranchers in our area.

Speaking of security in 2014, we have that opportunity in front of us, but if we are going to seize it we need to do our homework and get past the R's and D's.  I personally am an 'I' living in a 'R' district (ND District 39).  Most other places in the United States and during most other times in history I would be a 'R'.  Why here and why now am I an 'I' you ask?  Because I am independent enough to vote for the 'D' when I think that their candidate is better than the 'R's' candidate.  I will use the Berg - Heitkamp Senate race as an example and point out how proud I am every time I turn on the national news or open a newspaper article to see Heidi bucking her party at a national level to protect North Dakota interests.  She is an independent thinker that refuses to let the 'beltway disconnect' excuse her from being the voice of North Dakota in our Nation's capital.

March, 2014 was an interesting one.  There were many 'firsts'.  Two of them, I attended and participated in the North Dakota District 39 Republicans nominating convention in Killdeer and attended the North Dakota NPL convention in Fargo.  Yep.  I attended a 'R' and a 'D' event all in the same month!  Why?  To have a voice.  To affect change.  To have a say in our future.  There is a saying which I believe to be true - If you aren't at the table, you might end up on the menu.  The worst possible scenario of course is when the dinner bell isn't used and meals are by invitation only.  Not showing up at the table after the dinner bell rings = shame on you.  By invitation only = shame on them.

I am not a 'D', but I am very proud of this photo.
The November 4, 2014 election holds a number of contested races with decisions for North Dakota and McKenzie County, giving voters the opportunity to affect their future.  The photo above is of me giving Ryan Taylor's 2nd nominating speech for his North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner race.  Ryan is a long time friend and he married a McKenzie County girl, but that is not why I so strongly and publicly support him.  I so strongly and publicly support him because he:
1) better understands North Dakota farmers and ranchers needs (that understanding is gained through listening),
2) knows what is at stake if the crowding out effect on agriculture infrastructure and resources isn't buffered, and
3) is a leader and innovative thinker.
I worked for the ND Department of Agriculture under Commissioner Goehring and I also listened to his campaign speech to the District 39 Republicans as well as soundbites from his acceptance speech from the ND Republicans nominating convention.  I feel strongly that I am backing and publicly supporting the candidate that has the best plan for ensuring that family farms and ranches have favorable position in North Dakota's future and that the rural communities of western North Dakota too, have a future here.  Additionally, he will bring conversation to the Industrial Commission.  Unfortunately, the current Super majority in North Dakota has created a 'shame on them' situation that ONLY 'we the people' can change at the ballot box this November.

On a county level, for the first time in a very long time there are two contested races.  The race for two non-districted Commissioner positions and for McKenzie County Sheriff.  The primary election will be held on June 10th where two candidates for Sheriff and four candidates for Commissioner will continue on to the November 4th election.

Prior to those dates, I invite all of my McKenzie County Echo followers to pass the word and to do your home work.  Affect your future at the ballot box.  Consider this your invitation to attend a Watford City Chamber of Commerce hosted forum for the two contested positions:

Where:     Watford City High School Media Center
When:      Tuesday, May 27th at 6:00 PM.

In closing , I have shared two links.  One is shameless and self promoting.  The other is a testament of selflessness.  I hope they both inspire you to affect the future and to vote beyond letters!

Vawnita Hovet Best for McKenzie County Commissioner

Mountrail County brothers leave fate of county to new leaders

Here's to affecting the future!